-This is really dangerous.

He felt the firm hard ground on his face, and noticed that he had somehow fallen on his stomach. There was no power left in his body, and he was already losing the feeling in his hands. Heat was crushing his throat and the whole middle of his body.

-Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

The moment he opened his mouth to let out a cry, it wasn’t a scream but a mass of blood that spilled forth. He tried vainly to spit the blood out as it pooled in his throat, but it merely bubbled up and floated towards the edge of his lips. His vision gradually blurred as the ground dyed itself crimson.

-Oh, this is all my blood.

His body had collapsed from blood loss. It is said that the human body is eight percent blood, and losing more than a third of that would be life-threatening – which it appeared at least that much had already been displaced.

The profuse amount of blood coming from his mouth eventually stopped, but the intense burning in the middle of his body remained. He slowly moved his hand towards his stomach in an effort to feel anything.

-What, my stomach is torn open?

He realized why he felt so hot. The heat was an illusion, he was really feeling pain. A large gash had nearly ripped his body in half, with only a piece of skin at the back holding him together. It seemed that he was facing the final “checkmate” of his life.

As soon as he understood this, consciousness began fading away. Even the heat, which was so prominent only a moment ago, began to disappear. The visceral feel of blood loss, as well as the awareness of his hands touching his internal organs, slowly vanished.

Only his flesh, which refused to accompany his leaving soul, remained. With his last bit of strength, he turned his neck upwards.

Black shoes prodded at the blood soaked ground before his eyes, creating vast ripples that emanated outwards. Someone else was there. That someone probably killed him.

Strangely, he did not know what his attacker looked like. He had no recollection of seeing his opponent, but his mind was no longer paying attention to such details.

All he wished for was that she was okay.


He thought he heard a bell-like voice. In his condition, he was unable to even tell his nose from his ear, and as such was more likely to have misheard. However, the voice felt awfully pleasant, even if it was only in his head.



A short scream burst out, and the blood soaked carpet welcomed a new participant. The body had fallen right next to him, and it’s nearest arm stretched out meekly to meet his own. His bloody hand and the fair white hand met together in between them.

Was it all just coincidental?

The fingertips of the other hand moved faintly in an effort to grip his own.

He forcibly took ahold of his consciousness and remaining time through sheer will. All of the pain and heat grew ever more distant, and attempting to cry out would have been futile.

But still–

“I will definitely…”

-Save you.

The next moment he – Natsuki Subaru, died.

6 thoughts on “Prologue: The Residual Heat of the Beginning

  1. Joseph says:

    I’m happy that someone is translating the web novel since the beginning, are you going to translate at a fast pace or you have other priorities? I’m hyped tbh

    Maybe I’m just asking too soon but are you going to translate arc 2 and 3?


    1. nuovale says:

      We have a few other priorities, but we are quickly expanding our group size and do plan to translate at least arcs one through three. I’m unsure of what the pace will be, but it’ll probably be close to a chapter a week for now.


  2. Joseph says:

    Btw, in the future if you need help with PDFs I can help you, my first language is not English so I can’t help you in corrections and that kind of works


  3. Some guy says:

    I’m looking forward to reading all of this once you’ve got a few more chapters out. I hope you don’t die like all of the others who started from the earlier chapters.


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